Scooters in India

Scooters are convenient vehicles for men, women and small families. In last few years, scooters have got much more popularity than any other vehicles. Find out our expert advises on scooters in India.

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How to choose a scooter?

Are you living in India where scooters have become a need of ours? Then here is article of your attraction. In this article I have come up with some interesting aspects which will help you in choosing a scooter that you deserve. Read about how to choose a scooter, now!

Maintenance Tips for Two-Wheeler during the COVID-19 Lock-down

How to keep your two-wheeler's engine, battery, tyres and other mechanisms, etc., in excellent condition during the lockdown period? Follow these practical tips on two-wheeler maintenance for the lockdown period and keep your bike in good condition.

Top 3 Gearless Scooters for Ladies in 2020

The best two-wheeler manufacturers in India have designed easy to ride, comfortable and safe scooters, for ladies. Check out the three best scooters for ladies, including their features, specifications, variants, price and more.

Maestro Edge 125 and Hero Pleasure plus

Hero MotoCorp launched two new scooter in India Maestro Edge 125 and Hero Pleasure plus. The Maestro Edge 125 comes in three variants and Hero Pleasure plus two variants. The maestro Edge 125 cc becomes first Indian scooter which comes with electronic fuel injection systems (EFI) and Hero pleasure plus with all new redesign and new more powerful 110 cc engine.

Honda Activa 125 vs. Suzuki Access 125: Which one is better?

Are you looking to buy a new scooter? Honda Activa and Suzuki Access- both the premium scooters from Japan have maximum demand in Indian market. Read the article for a detailed comparison between the new Activa 125 and Suzuki Access 125 to decide which one should you buy.

Automatic vs Manual gear scooters – which is better?

There has been a tremendous increase in automatic scooter sales in the Indian two-wheeler market, much above bike sales, let alone manual scooters. This articles reviews the mechanics of the two types of scooters, concluding on the various reasons that could be responsible for the preference of automatic scooters over manual two-wheelers, bikes included.

Upcoming Scooters in 2016 in India

Here are new scooters to be launched in 2016 in India. Indian scooter marketing is all set to see a bunch of new scooter models in the year 2016. Take a look at the upcoming scooters in India.

Review of Yamaha Fascino

Yamaha India has launched Yamaha Fascino Scooter targeting Indian Youth market. The vehicle is available from showrooms across India. Here is my take on why you should buy this scooter?

Honda Activa vs TVS Jupiter – Which is the better scooter?

The Honda Activa has been one of the top sellers in the scooter market for a long time now. The introduction of TVS Jupiter with its 'macho' features only serves to strengthen the competition for Activa. How does Activa compare to Jupiter; is it better, or not worth buying? Read on to find out more about Honda Activa vs TVS Jupiter.

Price of scooters in India

Are you looking for latest prices of all scooters available in the Indian market? Read this article to know the ex-showroom prices of scooters available in India.

My review of new Honda Activa-i scooter

Are you looking for Honda Activa-i reviews? Here is my first review of the Activa i scooter. If you are confused between Activa and Activa-i, read this review before you make your selection.

Top Five Scooters for Tall Men

The market is filled with options and a wide range when it comes to motorbikes for men. After all, men prefer their bikes. However, slowly and steadily, the new diversification of the two-wheeler market in to scooters has started to manufacture products catering to the demands of men who prefer to go for automatic transmission. Read on to find out more about which scooters serve their marketed purpose well.

Best scooters for short women

The main selling point of scooters is that they cater to the riding population of India, and not just motorbike enthusiasts. As a short woman, I am grateful for many such scooters. Read on to know which one might suit you best.

Best scooters in India for 2015

Are you looking for the best scooters in India? Read this article to learn more about the top scooters of 2015. We have identified some of the most fuel efficient and reliable scooters, suitable for the Indian roads.

Scooter riding safety tips for women

Riding Scooters in busy Indian cities or highways needs some skill and good reflex. We are mentioning few tips that can be handy for ladies while riding Scooters.

Advantages of Honda Activa over Suzuki Access

Confused about which one to choose among Honda Activa and Suzuki Access? We can help you. This article compares the features and flaws of both the models to help you finalize your buy.

Comparison between Yamaha Alpha & TVS Jupiter

Are you looking to buy a new scooter? The new Yamaha Alpha & TVS Jupiter- both the entry level scooters have good demand in Indian market and it would be tough for buyers to choose one. Read the article for a detailed comparison between the two to decide which one to buy.

History of Bajaj Chetak

Bajaj Chetak has made a mark on almost all India families. Each of us has a special relationship with this two-wheeler. It was the sole symbol of the growing economic freedom of the Indian middle-class, it holds great sentimental importance for all of us. Read on about the history of Bajaj Chetak.

Why are scooters better family two-wheelers compared to bikes

Scooters sales are rising by leaps and bounds while motorbikes continue to have stagnant growth in sales. While the popularity of motorbikes doesn't seem in any immediate danger of being ousted by scooters, they have emerged as the new age family vehicles. Read on to know why.

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