What are the differences between Honda Activa and Activa-i

Compare and find the differences between Honda Activa and Activa-i scooters. Read this article to learn which scooter is suitable for you.

I first heard about the Activa-i when I started my research to buy a scooter for me. After some initial thoughts, I shortlisted Honda Activa and Suzuki Access. Finally, I decided to go for Activa due to the style and the brand value Honda brings in. But all of a sudden, I saw the "Ready to fly?" flier from Honda, which indicated the arrival of another stylish scooter from Honda. I was expecting a 125cc scooter, but was not disappointed when I saw the stylish Activa-i.

Honda Activa with Activa-i

But when I went through the details, I was really confused on which one to buy - Activa or the new Activa-i. Obviously, most of us would think we should go for the new Activa-i since it is new and it is always better to go for the new model and dump the outdated one.

Well, that is not the case here. Activa-i is not really the successor of the classic Activa scooter. They are 2 different models, is the 4th member of the Honda scooter family in India (the current models in the Honda scooter family are Activa, Aviator and Dio)

Compare Activa and Activa-i

Let us compare the Activa with Activa-i and see what are the important differences between them.

Body: This is where the primary difference is. The classic Activa has a bulbous appearance with its rear half of the body projecting outwards. Activa-i has a sleek, thin and stylish appearance. In Activa-i, the body covers only a smaller portion of the internals of the scooter compared to the old Activa, which looks like a mini-skirt to me! I wish it had covered a bit more of the body since it would have added a bit more colorful look to the scooter. Activa-i currently has a lot more black body parts visible compared to the Activa-i.

According to one of the sales person in the Honda showroom, the body of the Activa is metal but the body of Activa-i is made of fiber. I could not really feel the difference by touching it, but I think metallic body is better. If there are dents on the metallic body, it can be fixed but if something happens to a fiber body, your only option is to replace the parts.

Most insurance companies will cover damage to the metallic body but I believe the fiber body parts are not covered. This means, in case of an insurance claim, you will a lot less for the Activa-i compared to the Activa.

Indicator lamps in the front: In the Honda Activa, the turning indicator lamps are on the handles. But for Activa-i, it is moved down to the front body, just above the wheels, which adds to the beauty of the Activa-i.

Tubeless tyres: Activa has regular tyres but the new Activa-i offers tubeless tyres, which improves the safety and reduces the inconvenience of sudden tyre puncture.

Display panel: The analog panel shows the same data in both the models but the 2 meters are aligned differently in both the models. The Activa-i looks a bit more stylish probably because you are already familiar with the Activa dashboard.

Weight and size: Another difference between both the models are in the size and weight. Activa-is a smaller scooter, which gives it a feminine appearance. The weight of Activa-i is about 8Kg less than Activa, which makes it a better choice for smaller people and women. Height of i-variant is about 32mm less than Activa but Activa-i is about 34mm longer than the other one. Overall, Activa-i looks thinner but longer.

The metallic/fiber body, front indicator lamps, tubeless tyres, dashboard view, sleek appearance and smaller size are the primary differences between Activa and Activa-i.

Technology: There is no difference. Same engine, same auto gear system etc. Both uses Honda's advanced combi-brake system, which gives better braking for your safety.

If you are looking for a two-wheeler for a small family, Activa sounds a better choice but for women riders, Activa-i is a stylish companion.


Guest Author: Srv05 Aug 2013

I think Activa is stil the best, thats why still now you see them in the road a lot. Activa i is not bad, I still like Activa. I think more people will continue to buy Activa than Activa-i.

Guest Author: vishal jha29 Sep 2013

I think that Activa i is better than Activa because it has a sleek and attractive design.

Guest Author: oshin jain15 Oct 2013

I think Activa is better than Activa I because Activa has metal body while Activa I has fiber body. I prefer the metal body of old Activa.

Guest Author: KESHAB CHANDRA RATH26 Oct 2013

Activa I is more stylish and attractive so we should choose it. It does not mean Active I is superior to old Activa.

Guest Author: mohammed23 Nov 2013

No, am not satisfied wit my Activa bike. Let me explain. In 2008, I purchased an Activa bike and it gives 30kmpl. Then, I was thinking to switch to another brand. Then in 2011, company has launched the new Activa with 15% extra mileage. So I decided to take this new bike. However, the new Activa i is is giving only 25kmpl, which is less than my old Activa scooter. What should I do get this resolved? Is this mileage problem a rare case or it is affecting other Activa i customers also? Where can I report a complaint about the mileage issue with Activa i?

Guest Author: nishant26 Nov 2013

Activa 2013 model also has tubeless tyres..!

Guest Author: satya kumar30 Nov 2013

I like the look and appearance of Activa-i In my view, it is better than the old Activa. Also, due to the smaller size, the Activa i will have a better mileage. Have any one tried it yet?

Guest Author: kumargvr01 Dec 2013

I like the look and appearance of Activa-i In my view, it is better than the old Activa. Also, due to the smaller size, the Activa i will have a better mileage. Have any one tried it yet?

Guest Author: a.k.agrawal07 Jan 2014

I think for men Activa and for women Activa I is better option.

Guest Author: Kavita10 Jan 2014

I am totally confused about metal body, average mileage and price. If Activa i is less weight then its mileage is definitely better but again comes the issue of fiber body, and next if mileage is better then why price is less?

Guest Author: SUDIPTA19 Jan 2014

I am going to purchase new Activa i on 23rd January 2014. So please tell me about mileage of Activa i. According to Mohammed , he only get 25kmpl with Activa i. So I am very confused with this comment. Please suggest me immediately.

Guest Author: Sumi03 Mar 2014

I bought Activa i yesterday! Does it give good mileage?

Guest Author: Chandrika16 Apr 2014

So which one you bought?

Guest Author: Riyaaz shaikh09 May 2014

One thing should consider Honda company designer to be given one switch for petrol tank & storage space as like Access scooter.

Guest Author: Vinal Gandhi12 Jun 2014

I like the look and appearance of Activa-i. In my view, it is better than the old Activa. Also, due to the smaller size, the Activa I will have a better mileage. Have any one tried it yet?

Guest Author: Lakshmi07 Sep 2014

I think Activa-i is better than other vehicles and also very smooth vehicle.

Guest Author: Akki21 Sep 2014


25 km/pl is something to be think about, my new bullet is giving better mileage than this.

Guest Author: Laxmi16 Oct 2014

I want to buy bike. I am very confused between Honda Activa and Activa i, which one is best for me? I am a working women and I will use the scooter for daily commuting to office.

Guest Author: Vinod Nair18 Oct 2014

I am satisfied. Activa i is better than Activa. Low weight, better mileage, riding comfort all ok

Guest Author: Deep27 Oct 2014

Activa i will be useful even for senior citizens along with women. I am planning to buy it for my parents as I need a scooter with low weight and height, Activa i is best suited for the needs.

Guest Author: Dr Nalina15 Nov 2014

Activa i is much better than Activa 3G.

Guest Author: Om Mishra24 Nov 2014

Activa I is more stylish, more powerful and has better top speed. Activa: 95 kmph but Activa i gives 98kmph. Mileage of Activa I is 62 kmpl but of Activa 3G is only 60. Weight of Activa i is lighter by 8kgs. Activa I is very easy to handle too. But Activa's handling is hard due to overweight. So I prefer Activa I, whic is the best among all 110cc scooters in India.

Guest Author: Om Mishra06 Jan 2015

Activa i is better than Activa in each and every field. Activa i gives mileage of aproxx. 62km/l and with a top speed of more than Activa. Activa 3G has a top speed of 95 km/h but this has 97km/h. It is light weight and handling is better than Activa 3G.

Guest Author: Sankara narayanan,P25 Apr 2015

I am planning to purchase the Activa-i but with the available comments I came to know that the mileage is only 25 kmpl . So I am not able to decide. Please suggest suitably.

Can any one tell what is the actual mileage of Activa i Model?

Guest Author: Om Mishra20 May 2015

I have used Activa for 3 years. It is giving the mileage of 35-40 kmpl. Now I bought Activa-i and its handling is very easy as compare to old Activa deluxe.

Activa-i has a mileage of about 55-58 kmpl and has a weight of 102 kg only. But Activa is of 110 kg, which is 8 kgs more than Activa i. Pickup of Activa I is much better due to low weight. Activa and Activa-i uses same engine. Though Activa i is stylish, it has more comfort and affordable in price. I think Activa-i is better than old Activa Deluxe.

Guest Author: G.M.Prasad17 Jan 2016

Sir,I want true mileage on road in traffic with raid of couple approximately about 150kg's weight

Guest Author: Shubham Das19 Aug 2016

One think i would like to tell all of you that make sure that Activa i is giving 60-65 kmpl in highway and 45-50 kmpl in market ....
I am getting the same from last 6 months ..
Pls ignore message that Activa i is giving 25 kmpl ... if yes... that means those guy or girl don't know how to ride.
I am happy with Activa i.

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