Scooter riding safety tips for women

Riding Scooters in busy Indian cities or highways needs some skill and good reflex. We are mentioning few tips that can be handy for ladies while riding Scooters.

Scooters are easy to navigate through the morning rush hours and have a high fuel efficiency than cars, which makes scooters a trusted companion for women. However to ensure a safe riding, you have to bear in mind a few safety tips that can keep you safe.

Wear a Helmet: Helmets are mandatory while riding in most states and even if it is not compulsory, make sure to wear an ISO certified helmet, which can reduce the impact in the case of an accident. Statistics show that helmets prevent 37% of fatalities in motorcycle crashes.

Stay visible: When you are riding a scooter at night, make sure to wear reflective gear and stickers that can alert the drivers of bigger vehicles. Stay safe by avoiding blindspots and while following a big truck, remember that if you cannot see their mirror they too cannot see you.

Follow the Road Rules: Always use your signal while turning and check your rear view mirror while stopping or switching lanes. Avoid over speeding or overtaking from the wrong side and obey the traffic signal system. Safety rules are crucial for scooter riders because they are less protected than those who drive cars and other bigger vehicles.

Insure your scooter: Insurance is mandatory for every vehicle and scooters are no exception. Make sure to renew it before due date to ensure coverage in case of an unfortunate accident.

Wear comfortable clothes: Clothes that can hinder the free movement of legs and hands should not be worn while riding scooters. Make sure to tuck in all the free flowing accessories like scarves to avoid distractions and accidents.

Follow the instructions on the user manuals: The features and controls of scooters might vary slightly with brands. If you are riding a new scooter, make sure to follow the instructions on the user manual and understand the operation and maintenance tips for the scooter you have chosen.

Check the Scooter before you start: You should be aware of the reserve fuel levels and ensure adequate fuel level and tyre pressure and if it is coming down everytime you may have a leak, which should be fixed on time. Check the brakes before starting from home and make sure that it is in perfect working condition. Check the controls like cables and make sure they are operating smoothly. Makes sure that the indicators, head lights, horn and brake lights are working

Never resort to Speed riding: If you are riding on a straight stretch there will be a tendency to go over speed. However make sure to keep the speed limit within 70kmh so that you are in a position to safely stop the vehicle in case of an emergency. The front brake on your scooter can reduce the speed by 70 percent and by using both the brakes you can stop the scooter without the risk of skidding. Do not apply the brakes too hard as it can jam the wheel, which can cause the vehicle to skid.

By following these basic safety tips and being alert and attentive on roads, scooter riding can be made an enjoyable experience for women.


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