Why are scooters better family two-wheelers compared to bikes

Scooters sales are rising by leaps and bounds while motorbikes continue to have stagnant growth in sales. While the popularity of motorbikes doesn't seem in any immediate danger of being ousted by scooters, they have emerged as the new age family vehicles. Read on to know why.

In the two-wheeler market, there is a stiff competition between scooters and motorbikes. If you think scooters are "safer" options, it's time we busted that myth. Both are equally dangerous and accident-prone. The reason we hear more about motorbikes being the cause of an accident is the higher speeds riders are able to achieve on motorbikes than scooters. That, however, does not mean scooters cannot cause accidents. Scooter riders have a tendency to take the road for granted, taking turns and changing lanes when they feel like. This puts them in a position to take the traffic behind them by surprise, leading to unfortunate results sometimes.

Before opting for either, ask yourself a few questions: Are you going to travel a lot? Do you need high speed (as in on highways, and not for an adrenaline rush)? What is the utility of your vehicle? It is only based on these sort of questions would you be able to choose a vehicle ideal for you. However, we have listed out a few points of comparison between a scooter and motorbike to make the decision simple.

Popularity of Scooters

The trends with scooters is to use them as personal utility vehicles, which is great if you're always at the same place, commute between certain fixed points, with occasional outings. That, however, does not mean that a scooter cannot traverse a city. Scooters are perfect for eased out personal mobility within towns and cities. They are easy on the pocket while giving a decent mileage of about 45-55 kmpl.

Why Scooter Sales Peaked

In just the second quarter of this fiscal year, Honda Activa saw its sales grow by 17%, while the sales of Hero Splendor, one of the most popular bikes of its time, have fallen by over 15%. Similarly, within the entire two-wheeler market, since 2009, scooter sales have risen by 16% while bike sales have remained more or less stagnant, displaying a rate of 0.88%. This just goes to show how much scooters are gaining favour as urban vehicles.

The benefit of scooters over motorbikes is that they are easy to ride. They are lightweight, mostly of a standard size, and have automatic transmission. This makes them popular with most of the people of India, all age groups alike. Motorbikes on the other hand, are heavy and can be ridden mostly by tall folks. Not to mention the manual transmission in bikes. With these capabilities, bikes cater only to taller population with the know-how of gears and manual transmission. As a result, the customer base for motorcycles is slightly narrower than a scooter's range of customers. This is probably why scooter sales are at a peak, sparking scooter vs motorbike debates.

The cost of scooters is another criteria where a family benefits by the investment. One scooter can be used by any member of the family who has reached the legal driving age. The practicality of the design of scooters enables family women (usually mothers) in sarees to drive them without difficulty. Bikes, on the other hand, require cross-seating, and automatically narrow the usage in the family. The height of the scooters is usually less than that of motorcycles making it easier for short to medium height people to ride them. The motor companies are also aiming to design scooters with stable maneuvering and smooth suspension to make rides on city roads easier.


While motorbikes are always going to remain the favorite of liberation deserving youth, scooters make it possible, very practically, to mobilize the family without being too heavy, on the pocket and otherwise. With modern technology and design techniques, improvements continue to be made to make scooters as popular with the youth as bikes have been for so long.


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