History of TVS scooters in India

This article explores the history of TVS Scooters in India. The TVS Motor Company is an indigenous company, that has contributed a great deal to not only the Indian economy, but also to enabling mobility of the common masses. Read on to learn more about what products TVS has to offer.

About TVS Motor Company

TVS, standing for TV Sundaram Iyengar and Sons Limited which is the holding company for the TVS Group of companies is a firm engaged in the manufacturing of almost all kinds of automotive components, two wheelers and a few other industrial products. The TVS Motor Company is one of the premiere automobile companies in India, founded by TV Sundaram Iyengar in 1911. The headquarters of the company lie in Chennai while its manufacturing and R&D units are located at Mysore, Hosur (near Bangalore), and Baddi in Himachal Pradesh, and even one located internationally in Karawang, Indonesia. A little known fact about the TVS Motor Company is that it is the first two-wheeler manufacturer in the world to be honored with Deming Prize for Total Quality Management!

Since its inception, TVS has been received with increasing popularity and has met with steady growth. Today it boasts of being third largest two-wheeler manufacturer in India and one among the top ten in the world. Although the company is also involved in the distribution of heavy commercial vehicles, cars, finance and insurance, it is the TVS scooters that we would like to talk about in detail, as they are the most popular with the common populace.

The first two-wheeler vehicle launched by the company was in 1980. It was a 50cc moped, which was successful not only because of its capability to carry two people, but also because the vehicle did not become defunct if its engine was not working: a perfect example of clear-visioned ergonomics. TVS had collaborated with Suzuki Motor Corporation of Japan, for the manufacture of 100 cc motorcycles under the brand name of Ind-Suzuki Motorcycles. Subsequently, the company changed its name to TVS Suzuki Ltd. The collaboration with Suzuki ended in 2001 and thereafter, the company changed its name to TVS Motor Company.

Scooty Pep

First amongst the scooter clan members of the TVS Motor Company falls the Scooty Pep, though the market popular version now is Scooty Pep+, which is nothing but an addition on Scooty Pep. Since its launch, the Scooty Pep became the most widely sold scooter in all of Asia. As the Scooty Pep rode the wave of women empowerment in India, it was initially designed keeping the height and built of Indian women in mind. Thus, it grew to be an increasingly popular mode of personal transportation for the more independent women.

Scooty Pep+

With Scooty Pep+, the Scooty Pep underwent a major make-over with wider, more comfortable seats, dual tone colours, racy graphics, fresh new instrument panel, to name a few. Further additions were introduced in the riding experience department with hydraulic shock absorbers, making the journey smooth for the riders. This new range was also more dynamically secure than its previous version with side reflectors, multi-reflector head lamps, puncture resistant tyres, side stand alarm, and the like! It carries forward some other salient Scooty Pep features like chrome-plated exhaust, integrated tail lamp, pillion grab rail, etc. The engine is forced air-cooled, four-stroke, single cylinder with a 90cc capacity for both versions.

TVS Wego

Next in line is the TVS Wego. The concept behind Wego was to cater to an increasing unisex demand. This is clearly noticeable in its range of colours that vary from midnight black, through a more vibrant volcano red, inclusive of cappuccino brown and mercury grey, all the way to sporty white. The aerodynamics and the appeal of Wego have been designed to give it a sportier look. The smoothness of the ride comes assisted with telescopic suspension technology to ease out the bumps. The centre stand is easier to operate, and the scooter is stable enough to not wobble while taking two. Powered by a 110cc four-stroke, air-cooled single cylinder engine, Wego packs more power than its predecessor or its avatar.

Scooty Streak

The ever-increasing popularity of the Scooty Pep, the Scooty Pep+, and the TVS Wego gave birth to the idea of the Scooty Streak in the new era of independent and tech savvy youngster. The Scooty Streak was a major upgrade to both the Scooty Pep and the Scooty Pep+. Fitted with ABS panels and aluminium shock absorbers, the Scooty Streak was designed for strength and stability on difficult roads. The ergonomics of this scooter were at a whole new level with extra-comfortable seating, greater under-seat storage, external fuel fill, easier stand and a mobile charger to top it all! Not forgoing style at all, the Scooty Streak keeps to the dual tone colours of its Scooty Pep and Scooty Pep+ predecessors, but with a base tone of black and a second tone of colours like purple, pink, red, orange, and green. The GenX scooter in every sense.

TVS Jupiter

TVS most recently realized its newest male-oriented scooter, TVS Jupiter. Named aptly so, for the large design and dynamics, the sole aim of the product is to attract male audience. Equipped with a powerful 110cc CVT-i engine, the TVS Jupiter delivers high performance with a pick-up of 0-60 in 7.2 seconds. Not only does TVS Jupiter deliver the highest mileage in its class (of 62 kmpl), but also makes manoeuvring a piece of cake on roads with its large tyres having a strong grip. This vehicle provides excellent stability with its Advance Telescopic Shock absorbers and a large leg space for its relatively bigger riders.. True to its name, the TVS Jupiter is the alpha-male scooter with a brilliant design.

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