Short distances, good carrying capacity, recommendations.

Hi, I have a Yamaha Cygnus X 125 at my home in Taiwan but I spend several months a year in Mayapur (Navadwip) in West Bengal and am thinking of buying a scooter there.

My apartment in Mayapur is 25 minutes walk from the nearest store which is not so great when I need to buy daily groceries and especially bottles of water, etc, but if I had a scooter I reach a shop within 5 minutes.

I am 6' tall and whilst usually I will not carry anyone else with me, there will be times when I need to carry my Guru Maharaja. So, carrying capacity for groceries, water bottles etc, plus reliability are the main things I am looking for. Distances travelled will be short. There will be long periods when the scooter is not being used.

Does anyone have any recommendations? And does anyone know of dealers in that part of West Bengal please?