Best scooters in India for 2015

Are you looking for the best scooters in India? Read this article to learn more about the top scooters of 2015. We have identified some of the most fuel efficient and reliable scooters, suitable for the Indian roads.

Best Scooters in India

Scooters which were previously considered a small family vehicle are now coming into style especially as men and boys who wished to whiz away on their motorbikes have begun to like scooters. Although we're still not sure why scooters have become a style symbol, we're sure as hell that scooters have got new looks, and more firepower built into them, making them a perfect solution for anyone who likes to live a carefree life. Scooters have kind-of integrated into the lives of the people because scooters doesn't make us worry about spending precious time on parking nor does it get trapped in a busy lane, its comfortable yet stylish. In India, we've got a good number of people who actively use scooters, so today we're going to look at the top scooters that are now trending in the market.

Honda Dio

Some way or the other, Honda has transformed this scooter into an unbeatable beast. The sharp and stylish edges give a brilliant and classy look to the vehicle. Even though scooters were once a vehicle commonly used by the women, scooters such as the Honda Dio have lured young men and boys to spending their fortunes on scooters. It is not just the looks but it can do everything you expect a standard scooter to do and it comes with the inspirational Honda support which remains one of the best. The scooter is great in looks, an animal on the road and is also very comfortable to ride.

Honda Activa 125

Activa is something which has been here for some time now. The new Activa 125 model is one step forward from the classic Activa and according to me, it has surely touched the heights of success and it might not be the best looking scooter out there, but its surely one of the top competitors in the scooter market. Even though Activa 125 is more popular among old men and women, it doesn't mean that it is a bad vehicle. It's a really nice scooter and it offers everything you're looking for when it comes to two wheelers, its easy and comfortable to ride and doesn't trip that easy as well. It would surely get you through your busy day with a hectic schedule and if you chose this scooter, it might just be the best decision you made this year. (Take a look at the new Activa i scooter as well).

Vespa LX 125

This is another two-wheeler which has got a lot of attention because of its unique and childish design which seem to have become quite a "hit" among men and women alike. This scooter is for all of you who prefer a laid-back look and its surely the best solution for anyone who travels a lot. The scooter comes in candy colors and it would surely make you and the vehicle stand out of the crowd especially if you pick a chilly red or that embarrassing yellow color. Although its the modified and recreated version of the veteran Vespa, it still has got a lot of new additions which kind of makes it a much better vehicle than the previous one.

Mahindra Duro Dz

This is a real value for money scooter which can surely get your chores done with ease and perfection. If you're looking to go for that brunch, you just got to start and leave. It comes in classic colors and is also an award winning scooter which brings together both performance and fuel efficiency which is a pretty rare combination to achieve. It also offers low seating as well as great storage capacity which is surely something to look out for.

Hero Pleasure

This is really another great scooter which might make you think it is designed for the ladies and yes its a true companion for ladies and this will surely last a good number of years to get you through your daily troubles of going to the market, office or maybe even an official lunch. Even though it doesn't sport the best built quality or the best fuel efficiency it can always be a startling new take on life.

Mahindra Rodeo RZ

This is for all of you people looking to get a scooter which has a lot of unique features and options and is decent looking for both men and women alike. The utility of this scooter is really high and it even has a mobile charging port, fully digital dash, an anti theft key and has a great 125cc engine to top it off. The scooter altogether looks nice and laid-back, perfect for anyone who is a very frequent two-wheeler user.

Yamaha Ray

The ray is a beast when it comes to looks especially with that headlight which has a sinister look to it. It has a total hawk look to it and is nevertheless enjoyed by both men and women. It is easy to control and offers great utility and might just be the solution to your entire crisis in selecting a vehicle. Furthermore, it is fuel efficient and offers easy handling. You might just be the center of attraction at your college or school if you whiz into the campus with the Yamaha Ray.

Suzuki Access

It's the perfect example to a stable and classy scooter which comes in standard colors and you might not be taunted for riding this to work. The scooter offers brilliant performance and decent mileage as well which is what most of the Indian crowd is looking for, but the built quality is one of the major setbacks to this nice scooter.

Suzuki Swish

This is another great scooter which you should look into when you're considering your options, and it features a decent body and although it hasn't been tweaked much, it still looks pretty decent. It has a good spacious under seat boot which can allocate up to 20 liters. It has a good powerful engine to push you through the busy crowd and those upward hills. There is also a 6 liter fuel tank. If you're looking for a normal scooter which would last you a good number of years and offers decent features, good fuel efficiency etc. then you can go for the Suzuki Swish.


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