Scooter Buying Tips - how to buy a scooter in India

Read the scooter buying tips and get the best deal when you buy your next scooter. Also, learn how to choose the best scooter that match your requirements.

Whether it is a birthday gift for your girlfriend or wedding anniversary gift for your wife, don't rush with your plan to buy a scooter. Instead, take your time researching the best scooter in the market and looking for the best deals. The best time to buy a scooter is towards the end of a quarter and the year end when the dealers want to sell maximum number of scooters to increase their sales volume for the quarter. On last week of the quarter, they will be at high pressure to sell as many scooters as possible and that is the best time to negotiate.

Read our articles on how to negotiate and get the best deals. Read our scooter buying guide to find which scooter is best suited for you and your family.

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