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    Honda activa 3g making noises

    Hello everyone in the forum.Im new here and came here looking for some help,hopefully in future I will be helpful too.

    So basically my honda activa 3g scooty is making shuddering sounds when in the morning I start it and accelerate it to get going.For the past 2 weeks I bumped my scooty very hard in potholes like 4 to 5 times as I was driving in the night and it's raining season.Since then this scooty is making this noise it makes the same noise when I accelerate it after I have taken a brake and speed is almost zero and today while riding it I even heard few gargling sound almost sounding as though my scooty is old.

    But my scooty is only 10 months old and im 2nd owner and I got it last may.

    I really need help as to what repair is needed and approx cost.Im extremely sad that I have to repair it so early please help.

    Big Thank you
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    if "shuddering sounds when in the morning I start" is happened at take-off, then the reason may be 1) weight of variator is too heavy so the rev is too low or the driving torque is too low, you can consider to use 1 gram lighter round roller or 0.5 gram lighter of sliding roller ; 2)the engaging force of clutch weight is too weak , you need to tune the clutch arm spring or use stronger spring.
    for sliding roller,you can visit

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    Does there anyone know the difference between Honda Activa 3g and Honda Activa HET ?

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